Consultancy Services

Assessing Compliance Status

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current compliance status. This involves reviewing the client’s existing corporate governance practices, financial reporting procedures, and adherence to MCA regulations.

Compliance Gap Analysis

Based on the assessment, identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance with MCA regulations. This analysis helps determine the specific areas where the client requires assistance and where improvements need to be made.

Providing Guidance and Advisory Services

Offer guidance and advisory services to the clients on various MCA compliance matters. This may include providing insights on legal requirements, best practices, and strategies for maintaining compliance.

Assistance with Company Incorporation

Support clients in the process of incorporating new companies. This involves assisting with name reservation, preparing incorporation documents, and ensuring compliance with the relevant legal requirements.

Annual Filing Support

Assist clients in preparing and filing annual returns, financial statements, and other required documents with the MCA. Ensuring that the submissions are accurate, complete, and in compliance with the prescribed formats and timelines.

Compliance Training and Workshops

Organize training sessions and workshops to educate clients and their employees on MCA compliance requirements, corporate governance practices, and regulatory updates. This helps build awareness and knowledge within the client’s organization.

Regular Compliance Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring and review services to help clients stay updated on changes in MCA regulations and ensure ongoing compliance. This may involve periodic audits, assessments, and review of the client’s compliance practices.

Advisory on Regulatory Changes

Keep clients informed about changes in MCA regulations, amendments to corporate laws, and new compliance requirements. Guidance on how these changes may impact the client’s business and assist in implementing necessary adjustments.

Representation and Liaison

Act as intermediaries between their clients and the MCA. Represent clients in interactions with the MCA authorities, respond to queries or notices, and assist in resolving compliance-related issues.

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